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Around Your Exact Axis

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Global Talent Platform

Look through a pool of job opportunities across various companies to explore the best fit for you. As a user, or Smarty (clearly since you've made the right move by joining us :D) you'll be
able to look up job positions on your own. In addition to that, our AI-backed
system will also recommend similar job posts to you and also,
recommend your profile to other talent-hunters.

Integrated Recruitment Metaverse

SmartRecruit integrates segmented information from different silos - such as emails, Hubspot, and cloud storage - into a unified lake house for the recruitment met-averse.

Create Convincing Profiles

Our AI driven profile creator automatically helps you personalize your professional profile. It makes easier and faster profiles which will align with the needs of each stakeholders.

Job Matching

Our powerful algorithm has a job scanning system which matches your skill sets with the available job descriptions. Our AI based Matchmaking engine does a semantic search on job openings and suggests the most relevant jobs.

Real-Time Feedback

Keeping transparency our top priority, applicants can monitor their progress via dashboards and notifications. You can do 360 monitoring of your applications with SmartRecruit.