Smart Talent Hunter that Entangles Candidates with Recruiters

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Talent Gemsverse

Feeling frustrated when hunting for the right talent in fractured silos of unimpressive profiles? SmartRecruit can infuse life into profiles by intelligently fusing education, skills, and
experience required for a job. This will immerse you into our Gemsverse,
where profiles matching the job description dazzle
onto your dashboard.

Smart Dashboards

Efficiently evaluate your candidate’s skills using SmartRecruit. You can do 360 monitoring of candidates and identify Gems with dazzling profiles.

Manage Recruitment Funnel

SmartRecruit is your recruitment companion for complex and large-scale recruitment drives. You can
view a customized recruitment funnel, consisting of rigorous assessments. SmartRecruit
autonomously executes all stages of the funnel and mines the Gems for your
organization. In a nutshell, let SmartRecruit handle the stressful chores,
allowing you to focus on strategic objectives and have peace of mind.

Integrated Recruitment Metaverse

SmartRecruit integrates segmented information from different silos - such as emails, Hubspot, and cloud storage - into a unified lake house for the recruitment met-averse.

Key Caring Indicators (KCI)

Our AI-based talent hunter and Gem miner feature, smart visualizations and dashboards, enables
recruiters to efficiently and effectively manage complex and large-scale recruitment drives
autonomously. It intelligently tracks trending jobs, daily application numbers, and the
distribution of applicants across different stages of the recruitment funnel,
displaying this information on customizable dashboards.

Candidate Funnel Tracking

Using our semantic search engine and AI-based matchmaker, you can easily navigate our talent Gemsverse and filter candidates based on the outcomes of your recruitment funnel.

Massive Recruitment Drives

SmartRecruit is your true companion for efficiently and effectively managing massive recruitment
drives with high volumes of applications. While time to hire is still within the required limits,
the system is also scalable, allowing it to handle large influxes of applicants
without sacrificing quality of service.

High Volume Application Handling

For complex recruitment drives, SmartRecruit ingests large influxes of applications, including CVs, from a number of different sources, and enables you to efficiently process them using our massively parallel resume processor.